Customize Navigation Menu

Article published on the 9th of May, 2023.

The navigation menu refers to the menu which opens when the "Home" button is clicked in WorkPoint 365:

This menu typically consists of a button to return to the front page of the solution, as well as the various business modules which exist on the WorkPoint solution.

It is possible to configure this menu by selecting which business modules should be displayed and accessible from this menu. It is also possible to  add custom links to the menu which points to locations inside or outside the solution.

This is configured in the WorkPoint 365 administration:

  1. In the WorkPoint Administration, open the "User Experience" group and select "Navigation Menu".

This opens the Navigation Menu settings page:

Selecting business modules to show

To select which business modules to display and make available in the navigation menu, follow these steps:

  1. In the "Select Business Modules" section, check the business modules you want to display and uncheck the ones you want to hide.
  2. To save the settings, click the "Save" button.

Don't forget to clear the WorkPoint 365 browser cache to view the changes made to the navigation menu.

The sum total of the configuration made in this article produces the following changes from the navigation menu initially shown in this article:

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