Important Update: Compatibility of WorkPoint Express with Microsoft's New Outlook

Article last updated on the 10th of May, 2023.

Microsoft is in the process of rolling out a new, unified Outlook experience for the Windows desktop client in preview. This new version brings together the code base from both the Windows and web platforms, to provide a more consistent and efficient Outlook experience for all users. The modernized interface comes with added capabilities designed to enhance productivity, organization, and collaboration. 

However, it is important to note that as part of this unification process, Microsoft has discontinued support for VSTO and COM add-ins, the technology upon which WorkPoint Express is built. Consequently, WorkPoint Express will not function with this new version of Outlook. 

Note: Microsoft is progressively deploying the new Outlook to preview customers, although an official date for the universal default switch has not been announced. WorkPoint has no influence over Microsoft's timeline for public availability. In the meantime, the transition can be optionally activated or deactivated for users who wish to enable or disable the new Outlook. 

Considering these changes, we previously released our "Journal in WorkPoint" tool, which is compatible with the new Outlook version. It provides basic email and attachment archiving capabilities. Furthermore, we are currently engaged in a thorough analysis and design process to develop a next-generation WorkPoint Express. Our aim is to create a tool that not only aligns with the new Outlook version but also preserves the key functionality of our existing product. 

We recommend that users who wish to continue using WorkPoint Express should remain on the classic Outlook version. This can be achieved by turning off the "New Outlook" toggle located in the ribbon. 

Administrators are also advised to hide the toggle option to prevent users from inadvertently switching to the new Outlook experience. Search for “HideNewOutlookToggle” in this release note

Given that the New Outlook is currently in its preview stage, we are optimistic that Microsoft will maintain support for the classic Outlook version post the general availability of the new Outlook interface. Whilst we do not have a published date from Microsoft, WorkPoint is dedicated to developing a version of WorkPoint Express that aligns with this new environment, and we will ensure to provide you with timely updates on our progress. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 

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