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Improved Express panel in WorkPoint365

The express panel in the browser has been improved and does now support searching in documents both within an entity site or across a WorkPoint solution. Hence, users can search in document content straight from the browser search panel and do not need to go to the search page. The new document search includes search filters to improve results.  External users

By supporting Azure AD Business to Business collaboration in WorkPoint it is now possible to share content from WorkPoint with external users (outside your own organisation). The external users can obtain access to all features of WorkPoint *) and can be controlled by security rules. This will allow users to collaborate with suppliers, advisors, clients, etc. and share content on for example project or case sites. As part of this release a whitepaper is published which will document best-practices regarding this setup.  Common naming fields

This function is used to translate fields into a common language across fields and modules. This way for example a customer- and distributor ID can be translated into a common name, e.g. company ID. This opens for using document templates with mail merge across several modules. Creating Word templates require WorkPoint Express or higher  Limited users

Using the enterprise licensing model, it is now possible to buy a license for limited users. These users will not be able to use the following features:

  • WorkPoint document provisioning
  • Change stage
  • Relation management
  • Business module entity creation and management

How to set it up, click here:  Improved support for the SharePoint task list

WorkPoint 365 now fully support the SharePoint task list. Users can now:

  • Complete task in the tab view web part
  • The SharePoint task list is now default on new solutions
  • Filter the SharePoint task list and other lists located on the root site or parent site from the tab control web part Extension to master site synchronization

The Master Site synchronization now supports the following advanced list properties

  • Item-level Permissions – Specify which items users can read and edit.
  • E-Mail Notification – Send e-mail when ownership is assigned or when an item has been changed.  
  • Offline Client Availability – Specify whether this list should be available for offline clients. 
  • New setting in master site sync – enable deletion of existing views on subsites not found on the master site. Extension to template and metadata inheritance

So far it has been possible to inherit metadata from a document template to a document. With this update it is also possible to modify metadata inherited from the template library after creating the document.  MyTools Javascript Executer

It is now possible to execute Javascript commands directly from MyTools. This makes it possible to create buttons in MyTools which execute custom commands.  Bugfixes

WorkPoint365 Tab web part now supports filtering on multi value fields Support for any locale in WorkPoint 365 wizards Support for security rules that does not inherit entity security to an entity site


*) May require additional licensing

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