WorkPoint Express version

Access to root site lists for WorkPoint solutions

WorkPoint Express shows relevant site content on the root site for a WorkPoint or WorkPoint365 solution. This can be useful to display content, not related to specific modules, placed on the root site.  

Support for WorkPoint365 limited users

For a limited user with a WorkPoint Express license specific features are disabled:

  • WorkPoint document provisioning
  • Business module entity creation and management  

Enable WorkPoint365 tab view settings to be shown in WorkPoint Express explorer

Enable your WorkPoint Express to show the lists and views visible in the tab view in WorkPoint365. This also enables the option to show filtered root site lists and parent site lists in the WorkPoint Express explorer.  

Improved support for SharePoint task list

WorkPoint Express now fully support the task list:

  • Complete task in the task list explorer 

Email to relations in WorkPoint 365

When the relation model is in use (for example to register stakeholders), you can email the relations directly from WorkPoint Express using a mail template. This is useful for easy communication to groups of people registered in the relation model (for information on setting up the WorkPoint 365 relation model please visit this link)

  • Requires field mappings configured for entities to support this feature
  • Use of email templates

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with journal after send and EMM365
  • Fixed issue with the Rich Text Field
  • Now only shows content types with the ‘Available On New Button’ setting enabled on document and item creation
  • Solved issue in ERP mode – avoid use registration settings
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