Centralized WorkPoint Express Settings Datastore

Since WorkPoint Express version a centralized WorkPoint Express settings datastore is required.

WorkPoint 365 customers and customers already using the centralized datastore are not affected by this change and can upgrade WorkPoint Express without any prerequisites.

If you are unsure if you are all ready using our centralized WorkPoint Express datastore just follow the steps below to verify.

Verifying the "Internal Datastore Url"

Verifying the "Internal Datastore Url"
  1. In Outlook click on the "..." button to view the WorkPoint Express submenu
  2. Choose "Settings..." to open the WorkPoint Express Settings

Comparing the WorkPoint Express Datastore Url

Comparing the WorkPoint Express Datastore Url
  1. Click on the "Advanced" pane
  2. Verify that "" is shown in the Url field.

If you have the same Url as in the picture above, you are good to go and can update your WorkPoint Express.

If not then please send an email to with the following information in order to get a centralized datastore and a SolutionID:

  • Your company name
  • The name of a primary contact
  • The Email address of the primary contact
  • The Phone number of the primary contact
  • The country your company is located

Please note that no WorkPoint Express system settings, favorites or any other user settings will be migrated using this approach.

To migrate your existing data store to a centralized data store please mention this in your email.

We will then assist you migrating your local datastore to the new centralized datastore.

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