WorkPoint Server version

  • Now providing the ability for mailmerge to Excel. Hence the users can now create Excel templates and merge data from WorkPoint into the Excel files
  • General performance optimisation
Bug fixes: 

Fixed wrong save icon and label
Fixed bug where Favorites list were excluded from search
Fixed bug with delete ContentType exception
Fixed ContentType problem when creating new stage
Fixed bug with check for Result source in WPSearchExecutor
Fixed bug in ItemPicker on edit forms
Fixed bug in TaxonomyField sync
Fixed bug in Security Replication
Allowed HTML in CAML builder
Add 'ShowInDisplayForm' property to Field class
Fix cancel button in SequenceEditForm
Fixed bug in Min/Max functionality on web parts.
Fixed bug in non-themable stylesheet with changes from themable
Fix search center input box showing in two lines instead of one
Tab web part: Check for 'EnableFolderCreation' before rendering new folder button.
Fixed bug with ParentField
Fixed bug in relative urls in MyTools Link button
Fixed wrong setting for xsl within ConextViewProvider
Fixed wrong TypeName in WorkPointService
Fixed bug: respect DateFormat within EntityDataWebpart
Fixed change stage problem to stage with no visible fields
Fixed security validation error within ManagedMetadata initializer
Order field names in Entity check
Added support for SiteCollection sync in Initialize-WPSecurity
Handle Throtling in Start-WPBusinessModuleSiteProvisioning
Incoming email for entity site lists
Fix for ServiceApplication and Buffered Sites
Taxonomy field support in master site sync
Fixed spelling error
Fixed problem in ConfigureTemplateLibrary
Fixed translation bug in stage web part.
Added translations for MyTools button types.
Security validation fix in ListSynchronizer
Added exclude fields for ListSnchronizer
Allow html in ItemPicker ResolveError
Improved error handling in Numerator settings configuration
Handle throttling in Set-WpEventReceivers
Fixed issue with DateTime field en edit form
Check for wpParentEntity field in CheckDataAggregationRemoved method
Handle scrolling in MyTools new business module entity flyout.
Solve issue regarding resizing with webparts
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