WorkPoint Express Version

WorkPoint A/S is proud to announce a new release of WorkPoint Express, version
The release will go live 25 April 2017.

This release includes the following new features and bug fixes.


The interface has been redesigned with new icons and a more logical order of appearance.

For WorkPoint365 users the new advanced search panel, including document search, is now also available in WorkPoint Express.

The upload feature in Word/Excel/PowerPoint has been changed:

Now it provides the ability to set meta data on documents during upload. 

This feature can serve as a replacement for the Document Information Panel that Microsoft has removed from Office 2016 onwards.

Security is improved as access tokens are now stored in Registry instead of in the Data Store.


  • General peformance improvements with CSOM connections to SharePoint
  • Fixed bug with ShowInEditForm and ShowInNewForm 
  • Fixed bug with wrong default value
  • Fixed bug where document library was displayed as task list

We will host a webinar later in April to demonstrate the new features. 

To help on with the update and for technical questions or issues, please contact your WorkPoint partner.

If you do not have a WorkPoint partner, please contact our team at or +45 76 110 110 to get one.
As usual, I would like to thank all of the WorkPoint users and partners for continuing to provide us with good and useful feedback - this is crucial in order for us to continue developing software that adds business value and competitive advantages to your organizations. So keep it coming, we are listening.

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