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WorkPoint A/S is proud to announce a new release of WorkPoint Server, version (for SharePoint 2013) and (for SharePoint 2016). 
The release will go live by 25 April 2017.

This release includes the following new features and bug fixes.


SharePoint 2016 support
WorkPoint now supports SharePoint 2016. Upgrade your SharePoint and get the benefit of WorkPoint as well.

Send emails to a document list
An email address can now be set on a document list. This allows users to send emails to a specific WorkPoint entity, e.g. a case or a project. The email will be automatically journalised in the document list. This would prove very useful for users working in a case or project environment, but could also be useful for HR departments and others.

Mail Merge to Excel
WorkPoint now provides the ability for mail merge to Excel. Hence the users can now create Excel templates in the WorkPoint template library, and merge data from WorkPoint into the Excel files. This feature is similar to the feature in WorkPoint365. Lookhere to learn how this works.

Mail merge is now executing server side
Until now, when creating a document from a template, the work has been done by the client PC. Now this is being done by the server. This makes it possible to create documents without having WorkPoint Express installed, plus creating a significant performance improvement.

Mail merge information from HR module
When using WorkPoint's HR module, it is now possible to use employee data from the HR module when creating templates. Hence you can use the employees name, position, department, mobile number, etc. and merge this into the document.


  • Security replication fix: Avoid resetting role inheritance on Web when Lists have unique permissions
  • Added Retry within CreateSite when updating entity list item
  • Fix field values getting cleared on Update
  • MyTools: Fix resizing issue with flyout button. Plus add localizations to setup page
  • MyTools: Solve issue regarding resizing with webparts
  • Handle scrolling in MyTools new business module entity flyout
  • Correction to WorkPoint Service Application build - problem with automatic provisioning of service instance (MinRole)
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