Delete and recover module entities

This article describes how to recover a module entity and the site assosiated site after deletion through WorkPoint 365 or WorkPoint Express. When a module entity is deleted in WorkPoint it is sent to the recycle bin, where it can be found for up to 90 days. The site assosiated with the deleted module entity will not be deleted, but renamed to "Marked to be deleted". This way we don't delete data on the sites, in case they have to be recovered later.

Follow the steps below to recover a deleted module entity.

Restore the module list element
  1. Go to "site contens" from the home page of your solution.
  1. Go to the recycle bin.
  1. If the recycle bin open in modern SharePoint UI, and you cannot find your deleted item, you can return to classic SharePoint, which only shows elements deleted on the current site, by pressing "Return to classic SharePoint".
  1. Mark the item to recover and press "Restore Selection"
Restore correct site name

The site will still be named "Marked to be deleted" after you have recovered the module entity. Then you have to make a change to the entity, and WorkPoint will automatically update the site name back to the original title.

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