Incoming emails on document librarys

In this guide you will configure document librarys (e.g. emails or documents) to add entitys via email.

Please note that a prerequisite for this feature is that Incoming email for SharePoint is configured.
Follow this guide to configure Incoming email for SharePoint:

If you want to configure incoming emails on a document library different from the defaults, you will have to add it to the mastersite of the chosen business module and sync it to entity sites using the
Sync-WPAll <URL> -Entity <BUSINESSMODULE> -SyncLists  

This guide shows the configuration for the default Email document library in the company business module.

Opening the "Incoming email for entity Site lists" setting in the company business module

  1. In the left hand side of the screen click on the navigation bar
  2. Then click on "Companies"
  1. In the business module click on "List"
  2. Then click on "List Settings"
  1. Click on "Incoming email for Entity Site lists"

    Note: If the setting isn't showing up here you will have to configure "Incoming email for SharePoint" first like described in the beginning of this guide.  

Mapping a field to be used as email address for the document library

To generate an email address for the emails list on each entity site, a field mapping should be set up to ensure that each list will get a unique email address.
In the example above the email list on the entity with ID 1 (http://workpoint/company1) will get the email address 1@UDV-MSC-WP2013.udv.local, ID 2 (http://workpoint/company2) will get 2@UDV-MSC-WP2013.udv.local and so on.
It is also possible to use a calculated field to generate an email address based on other field values. But in this guide a field mapping is used.

  1. Choose a field to be used to generate the email address. We recommend you to choose the ID as this field should be unique on the business module
  2. Then click on "Save"

Synchronizing the changes to entity sites

Open a SharePoint management shell as administrator and run the following command:

Sync-WPAll <URL> -Entity <BUSINESSMODULE> -SyncLists

Verify that the email list on an entity site has the correct email address attached

  1. Open a random entity site in the company module.
    Note that the company shown above has the ID 5 (http://workpoint/company5) so it's email list email address should be 2@UDV-MSC-WP2013.udv.local.
  2. Click on the cog wheel in the top right corner
  3. Then choose "Site contents"
  1. Click on the "..." button on the Emails list, then click on "Settings"
  1. Now click on "Incoming e-mail settings
  1. As you can see has the email list the email address fitting to it's entity ID.
  2. Please note that if you change those settings on a single entity site they will only apply to the entity site. If you want to change those settings for all entitys in a business module you will have to change them on the master site's email list and run
    Sync-WPAll <URL> -Entity <BUSINESSMODULE> -SyncLists
    from en elevated SharePoint management shell.
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