WorkPoint Archiving version 1.0

WorkPoint is proud to release a new product in the WorkPoint suite. This release will be available by 10 July 2017

WorkPoint Archiving– provide data and documents for national archives '

The WorkPoint Archiving is a separate add-on to WorkPoint365 and WorkPoint Server. It is a standard software system for extracting data to national archives. It is specifically developed for those Government agencies or other public sector organisations, who are obliged regularly to deliver documents and files to national archives. Getting the correct data retrieved as well as exported from the system and converted to the correct format is a serious undertaking. Now WorkPoint can ease this process considerably.

At this point the service can be used with National Archives in Denmark and Iceland, but it has the potential to be expanded to meet requirements in other countries.

The WorkPoint Archiving will be separately priced in the price list.

For more information on WorkPoint Archiving, please contact WorkPoint A/S.

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