Creating new business modules and managing site collections settings

To create a new business module, go to the WorkPoint administration page. From the Dashboard click "Add new"

(Note: if your license does not allow for adding more business modules, contact your WorkPoint partner to upgrade your license.)

Fill in Title, Entiry name and if relevant choose a template and/or a parent.

If the module must contain sites, check the "Sites enabled" box.

Set the relevant site collection settings. For site collection behaviour choose between:

  1. Single site collection (the entire WorkPoint solution wil lreside within the same SharePoint site collection)
  2. Multiple entities per site collection (the WorkPoint solution will span several site collections, based on need)
  3. One site collection per entity (the WorkPoint solution will span several site collections, each new module entity will create a site collection)

NOTE: When this setting is set on a module it cannot be changed later on.

NOTE: Make sure to set up buffer sites on the modules. Especially if chosing option 3, as site collections takes time for SharePoint to create.Buffers sites will speed up site creation considerably, and the user experience is greatly improved.

Re 1:

Check the box to decide wheathersites should be created automatically or not.

Re 2:

Please seethis guide

Re 3:

Set the "Maximum storage consumption" for the Site Collection of the entity.

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    Søren Laurits Nielsen (Delegate)

    So ... how would one go from an existing business module (normal sites) to the new model?
    Do I create a brand new business module. Copy every setting. Start up a SharePoint migration project. Re-invite ALL users, etc.?

    Is there any way to "enable it from the point forward"? Any other way?

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    Henrik Mathiassen

    Currently, it is not possible to go from normal site creation to one site per site collection for an existing business module. As you indicate this would involve some kind migration. Neither is it possible to change this for coming sites to be created in an existing module. The only option is to create a new module with one site per site collection activated when created.