Site maintenance

Until version it has not been possible to physical delete sites. When a user deleted a module entity, the site was marked as deleted and hidden.

Entites and entity sites can be deleted from the entity list:

  1. Select an entity from the entity list.
  2. Click the "Delete"-button.

The entity, along with the entity site will be deleted. The entity will figure in the "Site Maintenance"-page as marked for deletion. The user can manually delete the entity completely:

  1. Click the "Delete site"-button for the entity in the list of sites marked for deletion.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that completely deleting sites and entities in this way, they will no longer be recoverable. Only delete sites and entities in this way if you are absolutely sure you no longer need them.

If the user instead clicks the "Delete site"-button, only the site is deleted, and the site will not show up in the "Site Maintenance"-page.

Entities that have been marked for deletion, but not yet deleted, can be restored from the recycle bin:

  1. On the WorkPoint 365 solution, click the cog-icon in the upper right corner of the page to access the SharePoint settings.
  2. Click the "Site contents"-menu item.
  1. On the "Site contents"-page, access the Recycle bin in the left side menu.
  2. Select the entity that was deleted previously.
  3. Click the "Restore"-button.

The entity, along with the entity site, will be restored.

Back in the Site Maintenance page, the entity can now have its 'deletion mark' removed:

  1. In the Site Maintenance page, click the "Remove deletion mark from site".

If one does wish to delete one or perhaps multiple sites from the list of sites marked for deletion, a job can be started to do this. This is referred to as 'site maintenance'. This job can also be set up to be run repeatedly and automatically with specified time intervals. You can read more about automatically scheduled site maintenance by visiting this link.

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