WorkPoint Express version

WorkPoint is proud to release a new version. This release will go live by 10 August 2017

Integration of Outlook tasks and events

Outlook calendar tasks and events is now integrated with WorkPoint365 and WorkPoint Express, making it possible to see your WorkPoint events and tasks in your Outlook calendar and task list.

Content search – Email Manager emails

Users can now use WorkPoint Express for free-text searches in the body of emails stored in Email Manager or Email Manager 365.

Send mails to a team

A new feature now lets users right-click and send emails to other users that are connected to the entity site with people picker fields. This is helpful, for example when emailing a project team.

Filter on the WorkPoint Express search tree

The filter on the WorkPoint Express search tree now features a red dot if it is active. This makes it easier for the user to see if a search result is affected by an active filter.

Creation wizard administration interface

For a while the setting up and administration of the wizard used for creating module elements based on emails, has been difficult. Now we introduce an entirely new administration interface for this wizard.

Direct link to help centre

As part of our initiative to improve user experience, WorkPoint Express now features a direct link to our online help centre.

WorkPoint Express – Product Improvements

  • Improved entity search. The search is now performed as ”AND” search with space serving as divider between words
  • Document folder on root site can now be saved as favourite
  • Links lists are now supported in WorkPoint Express
  • Email Manager 365: Mail download is streamed.
  • Folders displayed in search tree for root site lists.
  • Columns width on views is automatically saved.

WorkPoint Express - bugfixes

  • Error when Word (.doc) documents saved
  • Fixed problem with Express Panel not showing in Outlook 2016, caused by Kaspersky Antivirus.
  • Throttling errors on document lists can be handled by using views with a filter returning fewer elements than the threshold limit.
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