WorkPoint 365 – Menu and tab control security trimming

Starting in version the WorkPoint 365 navigation will now respect list security, only showing lists user actually has access to. Along with security trimming, entity site performance has also been improved.

Security trimming

Before version, WorkPoint 365 menus, including: MyTools, Action menu, Footer menu and the Tab web part, simply rendered, disregarding SharePoint / WorkPoint list permissions. This allowed users to see the existence of the lists they represented, mind you, they were never able to actually see any content of the lists, as SharePoint prevents them access. From version, menu links, buttons and tabs are all filtered away according to the permissions of the user viewing. This means that some users will have less tabs, footer menu items, MyTools buttons and etc.

No setup needed

As the controls now correctly adheres to SharePoint and WorkPoint list security, no further action needs to be taken before seeing already implemented security rules take this in effect.

To introduce list security, simply navigate to the list in question and access “Permissions for this <document library / list>” under list settings, and exclude / include users or groups to this list. Upon saving, any reference to this list from WorkPoint menus will either be added or removed for the users affected.

For entity sites, this will best be managed on the master site, if enabled, and then synchronized across all sites for this business module.

Possible exceptions

Because of performance considerations, only lists on the root web and lists on the entity site where the Tab web part resides will be security trimmed before rendering. If a tab has been configured to show list/document library content of a parent entity (e.g. show a list of company stakeholders for a project), the user will be prompted with a security message stating that he does not have the correct permissions to view this list, upon clicking the tab.

Performance optimization

The loading time of the Tab web part along with other site assets has been improved by reworking the loading algorithms, prioritizing external assets differently and caching more efficiently.

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