Integrated Outlook calendar and tasks

WorkPoint365 can be configured to integrate calendar events and tasks into Outlook (WorkPoint 365 version and WorkPoint Express

Note: This only works with the full Office client. Not in the Office web client.

When it is configured it works like this (If it is not configured on your solution, contact your WorkPoint partner for assistance):

To add a calendar event to a WorkPoint site follow these steps:

  1. Open a new Outlook calendar event  
  2. Open the WorkPoint Express side panel to find the entity site (e.g. a project site) you want to add the event to
  3. Drag the site to the site to the WorkPoint Express "Site" area (1) in the bottom of the calendar event window
  4. If you want to invite one or more WorkPoint contacts to the meeting, drag a contact person to the "Contacts" area (2) in the bottom of the calendar event window
  5. Click Save and close or Send

After closing the event it will appear in the event tab in WorkPoint and WorkPoint Express.

Alternative ways to create the tasks or events is right-clicking on the project site (3) or using the menu under the "plus" icon (4) above the content window.

For information about configuring Outlook task and event integration for WorkPoint 365, please visit this article.

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