WorkPoint Archiving Export Configurator

Organisations who are obliged to regularly deliver content to government archives or similar institutions, often face a complex and costly project whenever the delivery is due. Getting the data retrieved and converted to the right format, as well as exported from the system is a serious undertaking.

By using WorkPoint’s software and extensive know-how for this purpose, the organization will reduce the effort needed and remove the risk of missing the deadline.

One part of WorkPoint Archiving is the WorkPoint Archiving Export Configurator which is used for describing the data and documents that needs exporting.

If you have license for WorkPoint Archiving, the WorkPoint Export configurator is accessible from the WorkPoint Administration interface. Click the left-hand menu item “Government Archives”.

Use the selector to choose the modules and data to be exported and add descriptions.

The fields “Document Start Date” and “Document End Date” is used to determine the date interval for the delivery, i.e. the period of time you wish to deliver files and documents for.

When completed use the Validate button to check that your selection and descriptions follow the rules, then Export.

You can save without validating but not export.

When exporting, the result is an XML file. Do not edit the XML file after export!

The system will ask you where to locate the resulting XML file.

The XML file is needed for working with the WorkPoint Archive Extractor.

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