WorkPoint 365 version

WorkPoint is proud to release a new version of WorkPoint 365. This release will go live 1 November 2017

This release is a minor release that contains a few but important improvements and bugfixes

Product improvements

Meta data inheritance. The background job that updates the meta data on entities with meta data inheritance has been improved. Apart from performance improvements, it is now possible to stop the job that sets the inheritance and start it again. Also, in case the job crashes, it will now restart at the same point.

For general information on the meta data inheritance feature, please click here.

Master site synchronisation. If the master site synchronisation crashes, it can be restarted at the same point. It will also provide information on any sites where synchronisation has failed.

Email Manager 365. Configuration of Email Manager 365 is now included in the WorkPoint365 administration interface. Choose the menu item "Email Manager" to access the settings for Email Manager 365. For product information on Email Manager, please click here.


  • Fixed a bug in security replication on business modules. This bug was only present on solutions that is set up with one site per site collection.
  • Fixed a bug in data aggregation on task lists
  • Fixed a bug in master site synchronisation - the system did not recognise when events was set as recurrent.
  • Fixed a timeout issue on GetSecurityChangesOnRootWeb.
  • Fixed a bug with Limited Users. Limited users check was failing in WebAPI if a SharePoint group was selected as Normal Users
  • Fixed a bug in security replication. Fixed uninitialized field collection in security replicator when applying business module entity permissions to child entities.
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