WorkPoint 365 version (RC)


New Features

  • Event logging
  • Fields with information/status of the latest site creation or master site sych, and the latest security replication on an BM entity
  • Job for Site Creation
  • Security Replication – Applied Using Event Receivers
  • Security Replication – New Job Admin Interface

 Product Improvements

  • Security Replication – More efficient replicator
  • Title Resources on Business Modules
  • Timeline bliver ikke opdateret med Tasks (WP365T & Release Candidate)
  • Express Panel - More refiners and clear 'Managed Property' cache
  • Serverside Caching of License Information
  • Better description for constraints setup
  • Toggle function to parent relation field on parent change - when creating business module
  • Optimize performance in global filters (WP365 administration)
  • Entity Bar Chart web part - Based on listeurl - not Title
  • Warning if there is no field mapping - when setting up aggregations
  • Better logging and status in data import
  • EMM Configuration Pages - Minor changes
  • Export/Import - Improvements
  • Export/Import - Support for list view web part


  • Synchronize of DisplayName on Title fields in Master Site Sync
  • Export/Import - Support for hidden FieldLinks on ContentTypes
  • There is an error message in the WorkPoint Express panel, in the Site field if there is no site. (*IgnoreCreateSiteOnItemAddedEvent*)
  • Fixes to dutch translations
  • Problem with date fiels in change stage wizard
  • If two entities in a business module have the same name, it gives a problems in the parent selector on new forms
  • Management of web count on site collections
  • Handle limited permissions in store add-in
  • Black listed translations of Home in tab view settings
  • Issue with Save Conflict when updating aggregations on entity
  • Site collection maintenance returns unauthorized if consent to tenant app is not given
  • Issue with taxonomy fields created as site columns/list columns on the master site and not the root web.
  • Security Replication - Only check lists with rules
  • Data Import - Missing values in Stage field after data import
  • Advanced Document wizard: Removed upper taxonomy combobox picker - show full taxonomy in tree view instead
  • Error message when deleting BM, as well as missing deletion of sites (500 - The request timed out.)
  • There is the possibility to use html code in title, and it will be shown in breadcrum
  • If you create a business module and then re-open it to add a parent you get a error message
  • Site creation settings not replicated in export/import
  • No CheckBox for Automatic Side Collection on "One site collection per entity"
  • Typo in Site Collection Jobs window - Info message
  • Security settings - Typo
  • Links mismatched while set up items under BM with one site collection
  • Master Sites Synchronization with one site collection not working when selecting single item
  • There are no fields marked as required in "Stage settings - Constraint" but they all are
  • Parent's title is displayed with <H1> if written in title when editing an eliment
  • Parent's title is displayed with <H1> if creating a eliment
  • Description from list element is not be taken over to other languages
  • No wpItemLocation on item with no site
  • Master site sync is missing description of fields with new function
  • Error in URL on "One Site" solutions if ( - ) is in title
  • Wrong norwegian translations
  • Site creation via "Document (Advanced)" fails on "One Site"
  • Parent relation is not being automatically set and also not required
  • Parent Relation can be deleted
  • There is no title or "Days since deletion", in site Maintenance
  • Scheduled Jobs - BadRequest: The recurrence provided for the job is too large
  • Exclude "Limited Access" when comparing permissions
  • MyTools security trimming: + Check permission levels before letting users access Add / Edit / Delete MyTools buttons.
  • Export/Import fails if BM titel with / (slash)
  • Missing horizontalt scroll when editing webparts
  • Table view does not look good at 80% scaling
  • Security replication. Fixed: Exception is thrown if associated groups are loaded together with other properties.
  • No display of names of Save Types in MyTools settings
  • No ID for document wizard on a new business module
  • Wrong link in administration after deletion of a BM
  • Updated office dev pnp. Import/export now uses provisioning schema 201705. Fixed loader exceptions in import/export. Ensure workpoint settings are overwrriten.
  • Changed aggregation filtering when getting items on child bm list
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