WorkPoint 365 version

This release is live 14 December 2017.

This release includes some significant new features that will be of high benefit to administrators of WorkPoint solutions.

Also there has been focused on product improvements and bug fixes.

For the WorkPoint365 user this release will come through as a improvement in stability and performance.

Event logging

The event logging provides insight into the health of WorkPoint's background jobs and processes. Hence system administrators can get insight into many technical core WorkPoint processes and will have highly increased understanding of how the solution is running. Likewise they will be able to detect the possible causes to any issues or irregularities that might occur.

The event logging feature is described in a guide here

Improved master site synchronisation

Our master site synchronisation is currently undergoing an overhaul, first bits are released now, more will follow in later releases. Today we introduces a set of information fields that will contain information about the status of master sites synchronisation. These can be used to provide information to administrators on synchronisation jobs. More information on the functionality found here.

Dynamic site creation

Until now elements in WorkPoint modules have been designed either with or without sites. In some cases you could manually create a site. Now, with the dynamic site creation, it is possible to manage when a site should be created. For example you can now have sites created based on the entity stage, and if the stage changes, the entity will get a site.

Also you can import data first and then create sites later on, making data import much faster.

Information on how to use dynamic site creation is here

Note: this feature failed our final quality control and is therefore excluded from the planned release. It will be released soon, when test results are satisfactory.

Security replication

Security replication has been optimised with the use of event receivers. Even solutions using many security rules and with a lot of module entities will perform security replication significantly faster. This also means instant deployment of security rules.

The old "scheduled job" engine is still in use and relevant when not using security ruled. This engine has too been optimised for speed and now performs significantly faster.

The site creation "job administration interface" has been improved.

Three new information fields have been added, to assist in monitoring security rules deployment. Among other things it provides administrators the ability to create worksflows in order to get notifications if security replication is not deployed correctly. More information on this here    

Product improvements

  • Title Resources on Business Modules - business module names are now translated
  • Timeline on entity sites now reflects task updates on entity sites
  • Express (search) Panel now sports more refiners and a clear 'Managed Property' cache function
  • Serverside Caching of License Information
  • Better description for constraints setup
  • A toggle function to parent relation field on parent change - when creating a business module
  • Optimised performance in global filters in WorkPoint365 Administration
  • Entity Bar Chart web part now supports multi-language
  • If no field mapping is present when setting up data aggregations, user will get a warning
  • Better logging and status in data import function in Administration
  • Minor changes to Email Manager configuration pages
  • Export/Import - Improvements
  • Export/Import - Support for list view web part

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug in user count. WorkPoint license engine has previously been releasing inactive users' license too quickly, leading to erroneous user counts. This may now cause some solutions to seemingly increase the user count. In reality this is due to the fact that the count until this release has been too low
  • Synchronize of DisplayName on Title fields in Master Site Sync
  • Export/Import - Support for hidden FieldLinks on ContentTypes
  • Error message in the WorkPoint Express panel, in the Site field if no site exists. (*IgnoreCreateSiteOnItemAddedEvent*)
  • Fixes to Dutch translations
  • Problem with date fields in change stage wizard
  • If two entities in a business module have the same name, the parent selector, on "new" forms, fails
  • Management of web count on site collections
  • Handle limited permissions in store add-in
  • Black listed translations of Home in tab view settings
  • Issue with Save Conflict when updating aggregations on entity
  • Site collection maintenance returns unauthorized if consent to tenant app is not given
  • Issue with taxonomy fields created as site columns/list columns on the master site and not the root web.
  • Security Replication - Only check lists with rules
  • Data Import - Missing values in Stage field after data import
  • Advanced Document wizard: Removed upper taxonomy combobox picker - show full taxonomy in tree view instead
  • Error message when deleting BM, as well as missing deletion of sites (500 - The request timed out.)
  • There is the possibility to use html code in title, and it will be shown in breadcrum
  • If you create a business module and then re-open it to add a parent you get a error message
  • Site creation settings not replicated in export/import
  • No CheckBox for Automatic Side Collection on "One site collection per entity"
  • Typo in Site Collection Jobs window - Info message
  • Security settings - Typo
  • Links mismatched while set up items under BM with one site collection
  • Master Sites Synchronization with one site collection not working when selecting single item
  • There are no fields marked as required in "Stage settings - Constraint" but they all are
  • Parent's title is displayed with <H1> if written in title when editing an eliment
  • Parent's title is displayed with <H1> if creating a eliment
  • Description from list element is not be taken over to other languages
  • No wpItemLocation on item with no site
  • Master site sync is missing description of fields with new function
  • Error in URL on "One Site" solutions if ( - ) is in title
  • Wrong norwegian translations
  • Site creation via "Document (Advanced)" fails on "One Site"
  • Parent relation is not being automatically set and also not required
  • Parent Relation can be deleted
  • There is no title or "Days since deletion", in site Maintenance
  • Scheduled Jobs - BadRequest: The recurrence provided for the job is too large
  • Exclude "Limited Access" when comparing permissions
  • MyTools security trimming: + Check permission levels before letting users access Add / Edit / Delete MyTools buttons.
  • Export/Import fails if BM titel with / (slash)
  • Missing horizontal scroll when editing web parts
  • Table view does not look good at 80% scaling
  • Security replication. Fixed: Exception is thrown if associated groups are loaded together with other properties.
  • No display of names of Save Types in MyTools settings
  • No ID for document wizard on a new business module
  • Wrong link in administration after deletion of a BM
  • Updated office dev pnp. Import/export now uses provisioning schema 201705. Fixed loader exceptions in import/export. Ensure workpoint settings are overwrriten.
  • Changed aggregation filtering when getting items on child bm list
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