WorkPoint Express version

New version of WorkPoint Express with improvements and useful features. Available from 14 December 2017.

Support for 4K screen resolution

WorkPoint Express now works on monitors and laptops with 4K screen resolution. Also the system will better handle when a user has zoomed his Windows to larger font sizes, etc.

PDF Converter

The pdf conversion has previously been based on Office. Today we have replaced it with a third party product. This has increased performance, plus opened for pdf conversion of more files that just Word.

File types now supported:

"PPTX", "PPTM", "PPT", "POTX", "XLSX", "XLSM", "XLS", "XLSB", "XLT", "XLTM", "XLTX", "DOCX", "DOCM", "DOC", "DOT", "DOTM", "DOTX", "RTF", "MSG", "EML", "TXT", "XML", "ASPX", "CSS", "XSL", "JS", "XSD", "XAML", "SQL", "REG","XPS", "HTM", "HTML", "VSD", "VSDX", "MPP", "MPT"

Previously, when opening a new Office application, say Excel, WorkPoint Express would load the default view. Now  it will load the view active in an already open Office application. For example you have Outlook open, with WorkPoint Express navigated to a project site. Then you open Excel and WorkPoint Express will now automatically navigate to the same project site as is open in Outlook.

Individual refresh

You can now right-click and refresh an individual site. Previously users had to refresh all of WorkPoint Express from the top refresh button


Some fields was never supported in different languages. This is now changed so all fields are supported in the language used in the UI (change this in Settings). Some users might experiences fields suddenly displaying a different language, subject to the language used in UI.

Support for WorkPointCascadedLookup fields (only on-prem).

If you run multiple solutions it is now possible from the "Settings" to deactivate those solutions you don't use, saving you from multiple logins.

Contentype now displayed in documents views

When using document search refiners, "Author" list is now sorted alphabetically

In Settings -> Miscellaneous, administrators can now manage maximum number of items shown in WorkPoint search tree, journal page size (Email Manager) and maximum number of e-mails shown in search all journals (Email Manager)

When opening Expand mode (email / document overview) in a multi monitor setup, the axpand mode window always open on the same monitor as Outlook  


Field wp_email_Received on "email document lists" now supports regional date settings

Login handled when user is accidentally logged out due to loss of Office365 token (#17637)

Error when using keyword fields on document libraries (#17859)

Error in file upload (#18113)


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