Dynamic site creation

Starting in version we implemented the new “Dynamic Site Creator” feature. This feature makes it possible to create a site on certain entities on business modules, dynamically with a timerjob (scheduled or manually started), based on a Caml Query. Meaning if you only want to create sites for entities that contain a certain status or other metadata content, this is the feature for you.


If you have the “Dynamic Site Creator” feature activated, you will see an option for “Dynamic site creator” on the individual Business Modules in WorkPoint Administration.

This option will lead you to the following screen.

The “Caml Query” text area is where you input your Caml query.

The query will only return entities that has no site attached, and is currently not being created.

If you leave this area blank, it will create sites for all entities with no site.

If you however, wish to make something more specific, e.g. only create sites for entities with specific metadata or in a certain stage, you would need to use a Caml query.

Whenever you create your own Caml Query, take care and test it with the “Test Caml” button. This button returns a top 10 of the items returned from the query (sorted by id), along with a count of the results. If this does not match your expectations, you need to change something in your query.

To assist you in making the query, you can do the following: create a new public view on the Business Module List you want to run “Dynamic Site Creation” on. Then set it up how you wish to filter your entities, and load the query from that view with the “Load Caml From View” button.

Here you can select the public view you just created and press “Get Caml”, this will then return the query that builds the filters on the view.

Please note, when you have retrieved the Caml from the view, the Business Module Caml is not automatically updated if you change the view settings later. You would need to “Load Caml From View” again to work with your new changes.

Also note that, when you have imported your Caml query from the view and saved your settings, you may delete your view. The feature will no longer require it, since the Caml is saved directly in the Business Module Settings.

You can now test that Caml with the “Test Caml” button, or edit the query.

Test results are always shown in top 10 sorted by id.

If you check the option for “enable for Schedule Jobs”, the Business Module is included when you run a "dynamic site creator" job as a scheduled job. Each Business Module that has been enabled for the scheduled job will execute its own query.

“Save” will save the settings you just made.

“Save and start job now” will save the settings and start a job for the current business module only. It does not matter if the “enable for schedule Jobs” checkbox has been checked, due to “start job now” is not a scheduled job.

If you want to run the feature as a scheduled job, you also need to create a schedule for that job, within the “Scheduled Jobs” section, as you would with other scheduled jobs.


When a job is running on a specific module you should also be able to see a status of the current site creation, under the Business Module its currently running

And you can open the “event logging” to see a more detailed report of the events of the process.

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