Version info in Word document

Experience the ability to insert the document version into a document in Microsoft Word

WorkPoint now facilitates the ability to insert the version number from WorkPoint® directly into your Word documents.

To enable this feature you will have to do the following:
1. Open Word
2. Create a custom document property
  a. Click File -> Info -> Properties -> Advanced Properties


  b. Enter following properties for the property and click Add:
    - Name: wpVersion
    - Type: Text
    - Value: 0


3. Insert the document property into your document.
  a. Insert -> Quickparts -> Field


  b. Categories: Document Information
  c. Field names: DocProperty
  d. Property: wpVersion
  e. Click OK to insert the selected field into your document.


You have now enabled the document to get the version number from WorkPoint®


4. Upload the document to the relevant context within WorkPoint®.

5. Update the version number
  a. Home -> WorkPoint Express -> Update

  Now the version number is synchronized with the version number in WorkPoint®.

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