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I have changed my password for Office 365, and now I am not authorized to see content from my Office 365 SharePoint site in WorkPoint Express. I am prompted with this error message:


You have changed your password for Office 365, and therefore you are not authorized to view content from your Office 365 SharePoint site.


Click the refresh icon in WorkPoint Express and you will be prompted for credentials to your Office 365. Supply your credentials and you will get access to your Office 365 SharePoint site from WorkPoint Express again.

If your credentials does not work, please consider following:

  • Verify your credentials for Office 365 are correct.
  • Try logging in to your Office 365 SharePoint site through Internet Explorer. Make sure you save your credentials.
  • Credentials are saved in Windows Credential manager. Try deleting credentials to your Office 365 site from the Credential Manager and log in to your Office 365 SharePoint site again.
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