Duplicate Check

WorkPoint and WorkPoint Express can now verify, that duplicate entries are not created in the system. The verification happens based on rules you define.

The feature in action

  1. Right click in WorkPoint Express and choose to create an new company, internal case, project, etc.

Duplicate check wizard

  1. Click in the Name or address field and type in the company name or Address of the company you are about to create.
  2. Click Next

Duplicate found

  1. There was a match on the company name.
  2. You can ignore the match and create a new company or edit the existing company
  3. Click next

Edit existing company

  1. Fill in relevant updated information in the fields.
  2. Click Next.


  1. A summary of your choices are displayed.
  2. Click Finish.

Duplicate check from the browser

The feature works exactly the same in the browser.

  1. Click New Company/Project/Case etc.

Duplicate wizard

  1. The wizard starts up with the exact same user interface as when it was started from within WorkPoint Express.

Access the duplicate Check settings

WorkPoint Server:

  1. On any given business module click on list settings.
  2. On the list settings page click on Business module settings.

WorkPoint 365:

  1. In the WorkPoint administration select and expand a business module.
  2. Chose duplicate check


Duplicate Settings

  1. In WorkPoint Server, you will find  find the Duplicate Settings at the bottom at the business module settings.
  2. This setting enables or disables the feature on the current business module.
  3. With operators like AND, Equal and Contains you can set up as complex or simple duplicate check rules as you like.
  4. A check mark here results in the field being visible on the duplicate check form.
  5. A check mark in the required field, indicates that the user must fill out the field, when checking for duplicates.

WorkPoint Server:

WorkPoint 365:

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