Manage the WorkPoint 365 stage feature

Stage settings, transitions and constraints are managed directly within WorkPoint 365.

  1. Click on the cog wheel
  2. Click on WorkPoint administration
 Access stage configuration
  1. From the WorkPoint administration dashboard you have access to the stage settings
Enable stages
  1.  If stages aren't enabled on the module click here.
 Stage settings

From the stage settings page, you are able to add and edit various stage related settings.

  1. You can add a stage
  2. Add a transition
  3. And add a constraint
 Add and edit stages
  1. Click on edit to edit a stage.
  2. Click here if you want to add a stage.
  1. You can change the name of a stage or add a translation.
  2. Stage type defines how the stage can be used in conjunction with other defined stages.
  1. Choose from and to stage.
  2. Add optional WorkFlow to the transition.
  1. You can add or edit constraints, to ensure that certain key requirements are met.
  2. Requirements can be values on the site (metadata) or elements in a list on the site (e.g. documents or tasks).

This constraint checks for a project charter in the document list. The result of the constraint will be a message in the stage change wizard and prevention of stage change if there is no charter.

The other option - constraint source: metadata - is to use metadata from the module site. Simply select a data field and a logical operator (e.g. "equal to"), then enter the value to check against.

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