Time Stamp

We have added the ability to set Created and modified properties on uploaded documents to preserve the original created date. By default SharePoint overwrites created date when a document is uploaded to SharePoint.

Lets start by activating this behavior.

Access WorkPoint Express Settings

  1. In WorkPoint Express, click the "Menu" button and select "Settings"

Access Behavior Settings

  1. Click on the Behavior pane

Change Behavior Settings

  1. Select Time stamp behavior. Then click the "Close" button to save the changes

Behavior explained

There are three available options

  1. Always - Original time stamp is preserved and modified data is changed
  2. Never - Original time stamp is overwritten with the time stamp of the upload action
  3. Ask - time stamp can be preserved or overwritten depending on your selection

Required site permissions

The time stamp functionality requires that a super user performs the following changes to site permissions in SharePoint/WorkPoint.

  1. Go to Permission Levels.
  2. Select the relevant permission level.
  3. Select this permission and save the changes.
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