WorkPoint 365 Master Site Synchronization

Master sites enable super users to setup web parts and lists, and act as a template for other entity sites in the same business module.

Master site synchronization takes the changes to a master site and synchronizes them to other entity sites.

Configuring The WorkPoint Master Site Settings

 The Master Site settings are located in the WorkPoint Administration.

  1. Click on the cogwheel in the top right corner of your WorkPoint 365 Solution.
  2. Then click on "WorkPoint Administration".

Opening The Master Site Settings For A Business Module

  1. Choose a business module and click on the "..." button next to it.
  2. Click on "Master Sites".

Editing The Master Site Settings

  1. Set this tick to enable the Master Site feature for this business module.
  2. Enter the server relative URL to the Master Site.
  3. Set this option to replicate all lists and their items to entitysites. (including content types, fields, list items and list settings) Please note that items only are inserted on entity sites and can not be deleted via the Master Site feature.
  4. Set this option to overwrite all views that exist on entitysites' lists with the views configured on the Master Site and its sublists.
  5. Set this option to replicated web parts from the master site to the entitysites. Please note that the web parts must be exportable and that List View Web Parts and App parts aren't supported. Click here to configure a web part to be exportable.
  6. Click on "Save" to continue.

Synchronizing Sites With The Master Site

  1. In the WorkPoint Administration click on the "..." button of a business module.
  2. Click on "Master Sites Synchonization".

Synchronizing A Single Site

  1. Enter the ID of the entity site you want to sync. Note that you can always find the ID of an entity in its site URL. (in this example: 3 = /sites/company3)
  2. Click on "Synchronize item" to start the synchronization.
  3. Click on "Open" to see the current status of the synchronization.

Synchronizing All Sites In A Business Module

  1. Click on the "Synchronize all" button to sync all sites of this business module with the Master Site.
  2. Click on "Open" to see the current status of the synchronization. Note that this process can take quite some time, depending on the amount of sites that you have in this business module.
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