Stage Gate Model

WorkPoint 365 now supports our powerful staging model.

The Stage WebPart

  1. Previous stage.
  2. Current Stage.
  3. Other possible stages.

Stage filter

Use stage filter view to get an instant overveiw of the content(tasks, documents, responsible etc.) associated with a project/case/company etc.on that particular stage.

  1. Click on a completed stage.
  2. Click on Apply stage filter.
  3. The tab webpart now only shows content created on that particular stage.
  4. Click here to remove the filter.

Change stage

In the Classic UI version of WorkPoint:

  1. Click on the active stage
  2. Click on Change stage
  3. Choose a new stage
  4. Click Continue

If working in the Modern UI version of WorkPoint, the stage of an entity can be changed directly from the stage panel on the entity. An example of the entity panel is shown in the green box in the image below:  

The stage of the entity can be changed by directly clicking the stage to which one wishes to switch. In the example from the image above, the current stage is "Idea". Clicking the "Analysis" stage header in the panel will open a user interface with a button to change the stage to Analysis, as shown in the image below:

It is very important to note that clicking the "Change Stage"-button changes the stage immediately, without opening the Change Stage-wizard.

The Change Stage wizard can also be used via Action Management. Read more about Action Management here.


Edit stage specific values

  1. Edit stage specific values on the form that might be required.
  2. The deadline value will show up on the stage web part as a milestone on the current stage.


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