Stage WebPart

WorkPoint now supports our powerful staging model.

The Stage WebPart

  1. Previous stage.
  2. Current Stage.
  3. Other possible stages.

Stage filter

Use stage filter view to get an instant overveiw of the content(tasks, documents, responsible etc.) associated with a project/case/company etc.on that particular stage.

  1. Click on a completed stage.
  2. Click on Apply stage filter.
  3. The tab webpart now only shows content created on that particular stage.
  4. Click here to remove the filter.

Change stage

  1. Click on the active stage
  2. Click on Change stage
  3. Choose a new stage
  4. Click Continue

Edit stage specific values

  1. Edit stage specific values on the form that might be required.
  2. The deadline value will show up on the stage web part as a milestone on the current stage.


The WorkPoint Stage Gate Model now also supports different view options.

The following view options are now available:


View options:  

The standard view.

This view shows historic, currently active and future stages.
This view does not limit the amount of stages.

compact This view shows only the currently active and future stages.


Shows the stages as a part of a flow.

The order of apperance is defined in the "Business module settings" of the list.
This view shows stages related to the currently active stage. Which means that:
A stage is shown, if the currently active stage can somehow transition to it, directly
or through another stage.


Setting it up

  1. Find the webpart on the site you wish to change.
  2. Click on "Edit page"
  3. Click "Edit snippet" on the staging webpart.
  4. In the dialog, find the '<div id="wp-staging-webpart-container">' line.
  5. Add the following property to this div: 'view-mode="<your desired view>"'.
    An example for the project view will look like this:
    <div id="wp-staging-webpart-container" view-mode="project">
    Note that the view option is case-sensetive!
  6. Click insert and click "Stop Editing" in the ribbon on the page.
  7. All done! The staging webpart should now display the selected view.
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