WorkPoint 365 Web API

For ERP integration, we have created a new Web API. The Web API is located here:

In addition, the documentation for the Web API is located here:

The Web API is multi tenant, and used Azure Active Directory to authenticate the API and the API calls from the Web API to the WorkPoint 365 solution for the specific request.

This complicates using the Web API and for each implementation you have go through the following steps:

  • First, an administrator of an Azure Active Directory need to consent the Web API. This can be done using the following link:Consent WorkPoint365.WebAPI
  • The client to use the Web API must also be registered in Azure Active Directory this can be done in either by:
    • Registering the client as a client you self. And in the “permissions to other applications” delegate permissions to the WorkPoint365.WebAPI
    • Use the WorkPoint365.WebAPI.Proxy we have created and then you also need to consent this to use the Web API using the following link:Consent WorkPoint365.WebAPI.Proxy


Examples of how to use the WorkPoint Web API can be found at the GitHub page:

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