WorkPoint Express ERP integration

Access WorkPoint Express settings
  1. Click here to expand the sub menu
  2. Click here to access the settings
Add WorkPoint 365 site
  1. On the sites pane make sure you have added your WorkPoint 365 site
Access WorkPoint Express ERP settings
  1. Click on the system pane
  2. Click on the ERP pane
  3. Select your WorkPoint 365 site
Configure the integration
  1. Here you choose the business modules to integrate into WorkPoint Express
  2. Here you define which lists should be shown on the given module in WorkPoint Express
  3. Here you enter the internal name of the field in WorkPoint 365, that in AX will be used for the key, assuming the key is present in WorkPoint 365
Create a wrapper for WorkPoint Express

To call WPE from your code you need all the assemblies installed with WPE. You can then call the WPE main user control, ERPIntegrationUserControl in the assembly WorkPointExpress.GUI.dll.

  1. When first instantiated you have two options initiating the user control

The first parameter for both options is the name of the wp365 business module, from the settings above. The second parameter is for the first option the wp365 internal ID. To use this option you should get this from the integration. The second parameter for the second option is a key value from the ERP system that we also specified in the settings above, assuming that this key value exist in your WP365 solution. This will initiate WorkPoint Express with the specific entity selected.

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