Single item site Synchronization

It is now possible to synchronize a single item site with a given master site, before running a full master site Synchronization. This can be help full when verifying a change to the master site on an single item, before deploying the changes to all sites.

Access the Master Sites Synchronization settings
  1. From the WorkPoint administration dashboard click here to expand the settings
  2. Click here to access the Master Site Synchronization settings
Select the single site item to be synchronized with the master site
  1. We need to Insert the internal ID of the item to be synchronized in this field
How do I find the internal ID of a site item?

To find the internal ID of the site we want to synchronize we have a few options.

  1. Click on the business module where the item is located
  2. Click here to modify the default view
  3. Click here to add the ID field to the default view
  4. The Internal ID for each item is now visible
  5. Another option is to simply open on the site of the item you want to synchronize and check the ID in the URL
Start the single item synchronization
  1. Click here to synchronize the item
  2. The progress can be monitored here
  3. Once the synchronization is done, the status will change to completed
  4. A detailed log can be seen by clicking here
  5. detailed log view
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