Data aggregation

Data aggregation lets you aggregate data from a sub-list into module master page. This could for example be used for providing data for reporting purposes.

Accessing the data aggregation settings
  1. From the WorkPoint administration site click on "..." to access the settings for the selected business module
  2. Then click on "Aggregation"
Adding a new aggregation
  1. Click on "Add aggregation"
Aggregation setup page
  1. We have added explanations to every step on the aggregation setup page to help you get started setting up your aggregations

In this example we show how you aggregate the latest element from a list.

  1. First select the type "First", which returns the first element found.
  2. Then enter the following query into the Query window. The query orders the result descending by id.

<OrderBy><FieldRef Name="ID" Ascending="False" /></OrderBy>

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