Numbering Service

The numerator service enables you to provide a unique ID for all new documents, tasks, emails, etc. created in a business module.

Access the numerator service settings

  1. Click here to access WorkPoint administration

Open numerator service interface

  1. Click "Numerator Service" on the left pane on the WorkPoint administration page to open the numerator service configuration interface.

Create a new number sequence

On the Numerator Service settings page click here to create a new number sequence

Fill out information about the sequence

  1. Give the sequence a title
  2. Enter the next sequence number
  3. Specify the increment value between each number
  4. Define the MASK to use when adding the sequence number to a document, task, email, company, project etc.
  5. If you enable this setting, the sequence is reset when a new year begins
  6. Click on save to save the sequence  

Select the business module to enable the numbering sequence on

  1. Click here to edit the nummerator service for a business module

Activate numbering sequence

  1. Set a check mark to activate the nummerator service on the selected business module

Enable and configure the number sequence for business module items

  1. Set a check mark to activate the number sequence for the selected modules items
  2. Choose number sequence and a site column from the module to store the number
  3. Click here if you need to create a new site column first

Enable and configure the number sequence for business module lists

  • Enable the number sequence on relevant list
  • Select a number sequence
  • Choose the field from the list, that you want to use to store the sequence number

Demonstration of the number sequence activated on a document list

  1. With the sequence activated on the business module document list, I create a new document under a company under my projects business module

Sequence number added to document

  1. The numbering service now adds the next number from our numbering sequence to the document

Demonstration of the number sequence activated on an item

I create a new company

Fill out company details

  1. Enter details about the company
  2. Click Save

Number sequence added to the item

  1. A number sequence has been added to the item
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