Export / Import (BETA)

With the Export / Import feature it is possible to setup a WorkPoint solution in another test or production environment. Please note that this feature is still in beta and is not supported like normal released software.

Note:This is not meant as a staging environment, and you must import to an empty WorkPoint solution. The Exported solution must be the same WorkPoint version and language as the solution you are importing to. Additionally if you have a solution with a language other than English, you must have English selected as an alternative language.

Open WorkPoint Administration

  1. Click on the cog wheel to open the settings panel
  2. Then click on the "WorkPoint Administration"

Open the Import/Export tool

  1. Click on "Export/Import Solution Template" in the left hand pane

Export the solution from the test environment

  1. Click on "Export" to initiate a new solution export

Exporting the solution

  1. Enter a name and a description for the export file
  2. Click on "Export" to begin the solution export

Wait for the export operation to complete

  1. Once the export has been initiated you can follow its progress

Open production site

When the export has been completed you can open your production site and add the WorkPoint 365 app. Go through the WorkPoint 365 setup wizard and choose a blank solution. Also make sure to use exactly the same company name as used in the exported environment.

Detailed information about this can be found in our WorkPoint 365 installation guide.

Open WorkPoint Administration

  1. In the WorkPoint 365 production solution click on the cog wheel to access the settings panel
  2. Then click on "WorkPoint Administration"

Open Export/Import solution tool

  1. Click "Export/Import Solution Template" on the left hand pane

Initialize the import

  1. Now you should be presented with the export file created in the staging environment
  2. Click on import to initiate an import of the WorkPoint 365 solution exported from the other environment

Confirm the import operation

  1. Confirm the import operation by clicking on the "Import" button

Notice that all settings will be overwritten.

Wait for the import operation to complete

  1. Once the import has been initiated you can follow its progress

Import completed confirmation

  1. Once the import has been completed you will be presented with a confirmation bar at the top

Open your WorkPoint 365 production environment solution to verify that everything works as expected.

Export/Import White List

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