Mobile Access

Enable mobile access

Follow the steps below to activate the Mobile Access feature on your WorkPoint 365 solution:

Note:Make sure that you have mobile access enabled in your WorkPoint license.

1.   Start Internet Explorer and log in to your Office 365 solution with your administrator account

2.   Open up a new tab and go to the following URL:

3.     On this site click on "Sign-Up !"

4.     Now click on "Accept" to continue

  1. If you see the screen above you have enabled access for mobile phones.
Accessing your solution

You can download the WorkPoint app in Google Play or the App Store here:

  1. After downloading the app, open it and press "Change/add solution".
  2. Enter the URL address of your solution.
  1. Press save, and select "Sign in" on the front page.
  2. Use your credentials to log in to your WorkPoint solution.
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