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Dear WorkPoint partners and customers 

WorkPoint A/S is proud to announce a new release of WorkPoint 365 software, version (Release April 29). In this release there is a strong feature binding between WorkPoint 365 and WorkPoint Express so we highly recommend that you update both products in the same process.

This release includes again a lot of "under the bonnet" work - a number of smart features, some known from WorkPoint Server, which makes it possible for our WorkPoint partners to deliver even more intelligent and scalable solutions to WorkPoint users. But also the user interface has been fine-tuned and improved. We have an updated entity tab web part, an updated breadcrumb, and enhancements to the My tools menu, among other things.

Favorites tab 

New this time is the Favorites tab within the Express panel, for easy access and navigation to items used frequently.

Relation model  

A major new "feature" to WorkPoint 365 is the Relation Model - the ability to dynamically connect business entities in different relationships provide customers with more flexible solutions. E.g. a contact can be an employee in a company, can be a board member on a particular board, or a stakeholder on a specific project at the same time. The Relation model provides easy configuration in the administration interface and easy overview and access from the user interface.  

Multi-site collection 

For customers with high end requirements in size of data structure and storage capacity, a new multi-site collection feature has been introduced. With automatic scaling it intelligently expands the underlying data structure to overcome limits in the SharePoint Online platform.

Integration with and from ERP 

We have updated and enhanced our WorkPoint web service interface so we now support deep integration with and from ERP. E.g. get data structure from Dynamics AX directly infused in WorkPoint 365.  

Video training portal

A new online video training portal is now available for quick and easy support of organizational roll out (see photo). 

Please follow the links below to see more of the new features in WorkPoint365.

As usual, I would like to thank all of the WorkPoint users and partners for continuing to provide us with good and useful feedback - this is crucial in order for us to continue developing software that adds business value and competitive advantages to your organizations. So keep it coming, we are listening.

Sign up for the release webinar at May 3, 8:30 am (CET) - sign up here       

To acquire the update and for technical questions or issues, please contact our support team at or +45 76 110 112.

Thank you!
Allan Sørensen
Product Manager
WorkPoint A/S

New features:

  • Support for multi-site collection
    Get intelligent scalability in WorkPoint 365 to support very large data requirements.

    E.g. when you have a lot of information to store this feature will when first setup allow you to fit and grow perfectly in the WorkPoint 365 without a lot of involvement of technical staff.

  • Relation model
    Get overview of critical business information and data flexibility by linking business module items together. E.g. multiple stakeholders linked to a project for a given company. A neat way to model scenarios for a structire where business entities can be interrelated within the WorkPoint 365 which provides the customers with more flexible solutions.
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  • Enhanced Performance and usability
    We have done a lot of enhancements in the existing functionalities to make the use of WorkPoint 365 a more smooth experience. E.g.
    • an enhanced version of the site buffering feature (i.e. much faster site provisioning than standard SharePoint Online) with better overview and administration - read more.
    • an enhanced version of the Tab View Web Part (i.e. the tab web part showing entity content) with filtering options so that content can be filtered and contextualized.  E.g. taking an overall approach to Task Management showing tasks from a central task list but only regarding this specific entity. 
    • an enhanced version of the MyTools menu to support easier menu administration through assisted configuration.
    • an enhanced version of the Data aggregation feature to support easier administration through assisted configuration.
    • an enhanced version of our breadcrumb to support more in-depth navigation and also support for navigation in behind-the-scenes SharePoint administrative pages. 
    • An enhanced document search to quickly find documents within a specific scope. E.g. finding a document on the entire solution or the present site. 
  • Favorites
    Support for fast and easy navigation in WorkPoint 365 with favorites in our Express panel (the slide panel in the right-hand side of WorkPoint). E.g. when you have customers or projects that you work on all the time this will save time every time you need to find them in WorkPoint 365.
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  • Improved document search
    We have made it easier for you to search for documents and files in WorkPoint 365.
    Read more
  • Enhanced Inheritance
    Support for data inheritance on more lists types and more options behind the inheritance. E.g. get metadata automatically tagged on your items from the entity where they are stored and increase findability.
    Read more
  • Enhanced Numbering service
    Now you get support for more control of the numbering in WorkPoint 365. E.g. you can now specify different number sequences on different lists within a business module.
    Read more
  • Integration with ERP
    Support to integrate directly to your ERP of choice (e.g. MS Dynamics AX and MS Dynamics NAV) through our WorkPoint web service API and customizable components. E.g. synchronize master data from Dynamics AX to WorkPoint 365 to avoid double registration and get access to WorkPoint 365 from inside your Dynamics AX.
  • Video Training Portal
    You can get support for video training in our online WorkPoint 365 channel. E.g. reduce costs and time for training in the organization implementing WorkPoint 365.
  • Bug fixes
  • Edit Note form missing description field
  • Missing synchronization of document library versioning settings
  • Wpparent field now visible in edit form
  • Autotext in templates now supported
  • Fixed issue with renaming stage titles
  • Fixed an issue with multiple document versioning when saving properties
  • Improved description of settings in WorkPoint administration
  • Improved language handling
  • Removed new document link from template library
  • Fixed an issue with opening emails from sub folders from our mobile app
  • Fixed an issue with SharePoint Approval Workflow
  • Interface to delete buffer sites
  • Fixed an issue where the link to edit templates stopped working
  • Better handling og Site Title renaming
  • Prevent installation of WorkPoint 365 on the root site collection
  • It is now possible to configure stages before activating the feature for end users
  • Fixed issue with service account language dependency
  • Fixed an issue with missing translation of webparts when user changed language
  • People and groups now visible in quick launch menu
  • Improved breadcrumbs
  • Fixed issue with tab view control and paging
  • Fixed link to upgrade license
  • Fixed a bug in task web part
  • Fixed a bug in the stage category web part
  • Fixed a browser history bug
  • Fixed script error when creating new documents from template
  • Added alert when changing stage
  • Fixed issue with new document from template when a list contains more than 5000 elements
  • Fixed an issue with GANTT chart on the task list
  • Fixed an issue with inheritance default values with the field types URL, User and Date
  • Fixed an issue with master site synchronization not updating hidden setting on content type field links
  • Fixed an issue with documents without major versions not getting inheritance and tag values set correctly
  • Fixed an issue with the word Danger being displayed when creating a business module
  • We have removed the requirement for an service account for the following functions:
    • Master site sync
    • Securityreplication
    • Sync of Entity Meta Data
    • Sync of inheritance
    • Sync of aggregation
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