WorkPoint Express

WorkPoint A/S is proud to announce a new release of WorkPoint Express, version (release April 29 2016). This release includes new features, enhancements, and bug fixes 

New features

  • Journal flag option on archived emails
    New this time is the ability to get a flag on e-mails that you archive. This feature makes e-mail administration easier for the end user, and gives a quick overview on what has been archived.
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  • Outlook email templates support in WorkPoint 365
    A popular feature from WorkPoint Server is now available for WorkPoint 365 as well. Creating e-mails based on standard company templates makes e-mail communication more professional, aligned and easier for the end user.
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  • Favorites support in WorkPoint 365

Another popular feature ported and enhanced from the WorkPoint Server is the Favorites feature. Navigating with speed and ease to frequently used items makes navigation in WorkPoint 365 so much better.  



  • Type ahead on managed metadata fields
    We have made enhancements to data fields like managed metadata so the end user gets more assistance when entering data.
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  • Rich text editor
    The rich text fields and editor have been improved to better handle and show rich text in the user interface.
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Bug fixes 

  • All Active Directory groups are now searchable
  • Alert users when required fields haven't been filed out
  • Improved error handling
  • Better handling of illegal characters
  • Better recognition of sites using ADFS, when adding them to WorkPoint Express
  • Improved handling of site creation
  • Fixed an issue with a random email archiving error message
  • Better handling of moved or missing items
  • Removed create document from template action where not appropriate
  • Faster limit exceeded count when archiving many emails at once
  • Fixed an issue in PowerPoint when creating new document from template
  • Better handling of emails with many attachments in WorkPoint 365 Email Manager
  • Improved sorting of elements on child modules

Better handling of login token expiration

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