Journal flag option on archived emails

The WorkPoint journalize flag feature enables you to quickly and easily see whether a given e-mail in Outlook has been journalized in a WorkPoint library.

It does so by setting a journalize flag in the "Category" field of the e-mails, the color of which you can configure to your liking.

Activate the setting

  1. In the System -> Miscellaneous tab in WorkPoint Express you can activate and set a color for the journalize flag.

The feature in action

The feature in action

After dragging an email to a email enabled document library in WorkPoint, a flag is set on the archived email in Outlook so that you with a glance at your Outlook inbox know whether or not an email in your Outlook has been archived in WorkPoint.

Please note that the journalization flag is set for the e-mail in the mailbox of both the user who journalizes the e-mail, as well as the direct recipient and people in the cc-field. Users in the bcc-field will not see the journalize flag. Additionally, if a bcc-user journalizes an e-mail, the other users will not see the journalize flag.

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