Multi Site Collection Setup Guide

SharePoint online recommends not to have more than 2000 sites per site collection.
To be able to handle bigger solutions with a huge amount of sites we introduced the Multi Site Collection feature which is able to split a solution into several site collections in the background without changing anythig to the users interface.

To set up the WorkPoint 365 Multi Site Collection function follow this tutorial.
This guide requires that you have a running WorkPoint 365 solution which includes the Multi Site Collection feature in its license.

Installing the WorkPoint 365 app to the App Catalog Site Collection

  1. Open your App catalog Site Collection
  2. Click on the cogwheel on the top right corner
  3. Click on "Add an app"

Choose the WorkPoint 365 app

  1. Click on the "WorkPoint 365" app
  1. Click on "Trust It" to give the necessary consent to the app

    Note that you are not installing WorkPoint 365 on the App Catalog Site Collection, you only add the app to deploy it to the other Site Collections. Please also note that the name of the app depends on the release setup you have chosen.

Automatic site deployment setup

  1. Click on "..." and choose "Deployment" to auto install the app to open the Automatic site deployment settings. all WorkPoint 365 sub Site Collections

    Please note that those steps automatically add's the app to all sites with the /sites/ URL prefix on your tenant.

Automatic site deployment settings

  1. In the "Manage App Deployments" settings under "Managed Paths" choose "sites" and click on "Add"
  2. Click on "OK" to confirm the settings

Configuring the Business module Site Collection settings

  1. Open up the "WorkPoint Administration" with clicking on the cogwheel in the top right corner and then click on "WorkPoint Administration"

    Note that you have to be a tenant administrator to complete this step.

Choosing the Business Modules for the Multi Site Collection feature

  1. Choose the Business Modules on which you want to activate the multi Site Collection feature by clicking on their "..." button
  2. Click on "<BUSINESSMODULENAME> General Settings"

Configuring the Business Module Site Collection settings

  1. Make sure that the "Sites enabled" checkbox is checked
  2. Now you can choose between "Single site collection", "Multiple entities per site collection" and "One site collection per entity"
    - Single site collection is the most simple setup as you store everything in only one site collection (The settings in step 4 and 5 are not avialable for this setup)
    - Multiple entities per site collection is the classic multi site collection setup where you distribute the entity sites accross several site collections to ensure to stay inside the recommended limitations of SharePoint online (Configurable in step 4 and 5)
    - One site collection per entity is used if a customer has really huge entitys with lots of data connected so that they require one site collection for each entity (The settings in step 4 and 5 are not avialable for this setup)
  3. Choose whether or not sites should be created automatically (If this is disabled sites will have to be created manually for each entity)
  4. Set the "Maximum number of sites" for each Site Collection (Microsoft recommends only 2000 sites per site collection. WorkPoint 365 will automatically spawn a new Site Collection when this or the limit in step 5 is reached)
  5. Set the "Maximum storage consumption" for the Site Collections of this Business Module (a new Site Collection will be spawned as soon as the size of Site Collection is getting close to this value)
  6. Click on "Save"

If you at this step see the following error message in the WorkPoint Administration, it means that you have activated multi site colleciton on a module, but there hasn't been created a new site collection for it to use yet.

Creating Site Collections

There is a job in the backend of WorkPoint 365 checking every night at 2:00 am if there are business modules where the multi site collection feature is enabled and if they have an assigned site collection with an amount of sites and a size smaller than the amount and size configured above.

If this is not the case the job will create a site collection for the business module.

If you want to use the multi site collection feature instantly you will have to create a site collection for the module manually as it's shown below. Otherways you can just wait for the job to create a site collection for you in the night.

You can also manually create a site collection for the business module if you want to use it instantly.

It is in any case required that you give consent to the tenant administration app (see the steps below) which runs the site collection creation job. Otherways won't WorkPoint 365 be able to create new site collections. 

  1. Click on "Site Collection Administration" to manage the Site Collections for this solution
  1. Click on "Accept" to give consent for WorkPoint 365 Site Collection creation job to create Site Collections

Choosing the right Solution

  1. In the Dashboard of the "Site Collection Administration" choose your Root Site Collection
  2. Then click on "Create Site Collection" Note that you have to be a tenant administrator to perform this action

Entering the settings for the new Site Collections

  1. The "Title" and the "Relative URL" field are already filled out by default and we recommend that you keep those values unless you necessarily have to change them.
  2. Here you can enter a description for the Site Collection you are creating. Note that this is field is optional.
  3. Enter a value for the "Server Resource Quota". Note that this value depends on factors like: number of users, volume of data, number of data, etc, we recommend 50 as default.
  4. Click on Create

Wait for the Site Collection creation job to finish

  1. Wait for the Site Collection creation job to finish. Note that this process can take up to 15 minutes.

Confirming the setup

  1. Click on the "Dashboard" button in the left menu and choose your WorkPoint 365 Root Site Collection under "Solution".
  2. If this line appears you have successfully applied the WorkPoint 365 Multi Site Collection feature to your solution.

You can test your setup with creating a new item on the "Project" Business Module. The site of the item should have an URL like "/sites/pkmulti_1/Project3" in this example.

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