WorkPoint 365 version

Dear WorkPoint partners
WorkPoint A/S is proud to announce a new release of WorkPoint 365, version 2.0.2.
This release includes new feature, enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Performance enhancement in the WorkPoint 365 UI
  • When deleting business module entities, sites are only marked to be deleted and not permanent deleted
  • Added support for Multi Lookup and Additional Lookup fields in mail merge
  • Added support for Additional Lookup fields in Numerator Service
  • Removed connection from Site Columns to fields created for inheritance
  • Removed picture library views not supported in tab control
  • Removed use of service account in data import

Bug fixes 
  • Fixed issues with users having different language than the language that an Excel template is created in
  • Fixed issue when synchronizing calculated fields in master site synchronization
  • Fixed missing title update on relations
  • Fixed issue with paging in template library
  • Fixed missing remove option of fields in inheritance settings
  • Fixed issue with saving inheritance settings
  • Fixed issues where special characters are saved in WorkPoint Settings
  • Changed system behavior when deleting relation
  • Fixed issue with discussion boards and master site synchronization
  • Fixed issue with location of footer menu
  • Fixed issue with themes in a multi-site collection setup
  • Fixed issue with favorites and external users
  • Fixed timeout issues in data import
To help on with the update and for technical questions or issues, please contact our support team or +45 76 110 112.
As usual, I would like to thank all of the WorkPoint users and partners for continuing to provide us with good and useful feedback - this is crucial in order for us to continue developing software that adds business value and competitive advantages to your organizations. So keep it coming, we are listening.
Per Schulze
Customer Service Manager
WorkPoint A/S
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