WorkPoint Server

Dear WorkPoint partners
WorkPoint A/S is proud to announce a new release of WorkPoint Server, version 5.1.3. Release date September 1st 2016
This release includes new features, enhancements and bug fixes.


New features
  • SharePoint Search Box is now available on all pages next to the Express Panel
  • Support for opening documents from Tab WebPart in Office Web Apps
  • Added support for synchronization of all list types in master site synchronization
  • Added support for security groups (AD groups) in Security replication Rules
  • Added support for synchronization of lookup columns to lists within the entity site
  • Added support for showing recursive entities in Express Panel

  • Data Aggregation SUM and COUNT is now initially set to 0 instead of nothing
  • Changed regular expression in WorkPoint email field to support top level domains of any length
  • Overall performance improvements
Bug fixes 
  • Removed file size limit when uploading attachments in Action Flow
  • Fixed issue with scrollbar when selecting document template from WorkPoint Express
  • Fixed script error when selecting document template from WorkPoint Express
  • Fixed multi threading error when using WorkPoint workflows
  • Fixed "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" during full security replication
  • Fixed issue with number field delimiter when Web language is different than installed SharePoint Server language
  • Unable to save Trim Duplicates in Filtered Search WebPart
  • Problem with Ribbon and My Tools when clicking on WebPart with ribbon context menu
  • Fixed special case where Data Aggregation wasn't calculated correctly
  • Fixed issue where custom Permissionlevels wasn't replicated to site collections
  • Fixed issue with Tab WebPart where settings wasn't persisted when saved.
  • Fixed issue with WorkPoint Root Site Lookup field when used as Site Column
  • Fixed issue with Entity relations dialog not rendering correctly
To help on with the update and for technical questions or issues, please contact our support team or +45 76 110 112.
As usual, I would like to thank all of the WorkPoint users and partners for continuing to provide us with good and useful feedback - this is crucial in order for us to continue developing software that adds business value and competitive advantages to your organizations. So keep it coming, we are listening.
Per Schulze
Customer Service Manager
WorkPoint A/S
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