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Dear WorkPoint customers and partners   

WorkPoint A/S is proud to announce a new release of WorkPoint365 software, version 2.0.3

WorkPoint365 continues to provide useful functionality to increase efficiency when managing "soft" data such as emails and documents.

This release contains several smart, new features that can improve document management in organisations. It allows users to better and easier manage document life cycle, work with templates and document sets, search, merge and mix documents to easily create and distribute exactly the content needed to get the job done.

New features includes:


Document Management (Enterprise edition only)


  • Create document sets with multiple mail-merged documents at a time

Now the WorkPoint365 template library also supports the creation of document sets, managed either as SharePoint document sets, individual files or merged into one single file. A new, advanced document creation wizard guides the user easily through the process of creating multiple documents in a single work process.


  • Document set governance

You can now define document sets and decide which document templates in the template library that should be part of a certain document set. And whether these individual documents should be mandatory or optional in the set. The risk of user errors when creating document sets is thus minimized.


  • Metadata inheritance

The meta data added to templates can now be inherited to the documents created from the template.

This way template metadata can for example be used to manage the document lifecycle for documents based on a specific template. Likewise, all documents based on a specific template can be found by searching for the meta data.



  • Merge individual (Word) documents to a compound document

A new feature allows the user to create a single Word document based on multiple Word documents.


  • Reuse existing documents as templates

New documents that normally would be created based on templates, can now also be based on an existing document in WorkPoint365 (start a new document based on that killer document someone created yesterday), even as a part of a document set.


  • Search based document selection with refiners

When a new document set is being created, a search feature allows the user to quickly find documents or templates, to include in the new document set.


  • Metadata navigation using SharePoint term store

The user can navigate WorkPoint365 templates based on the company term store (requires SharePoint term store management)


  • Language filtering

Templates can now be tagged with a language, allowing them to be filtered and in/excluded based on selected languages See an example on how to work with document sets here 

  Other features 

  • Move root business module

You can now move a root business module (business modules without a "parent" module) into another place in the business module hierarchy order.


  • Create links from MyTools with information from business module entity

You can now create links to web pages from MyTools where data from a business module entity is used as part of the URL.



This version of WorkPoint365 introduces the following enhancements.

  • Ordering information in metadata webpart

You can now change the presenting order of information in the metadata web part on an entity

  • Site Creation Retry

A retry and clean up function is added - the system retries site creation if it somehow fails due to a non-responsive backend

  • Entity Page Properties - Support for ContentType field

The Content type is now included in Entity Page Properties

  • Security replication - performance optimizations

A single rule can now be created to target all lists on an entity site. General performance enhancements to the replication job.

For administrators we have provided an option to run the replication job for a single module.

  • Help links shown in WorkPoint Administration where available

Links to feature help and knowledge base articles where appropriate. Will be extended in versions to come   


  • Fixed an issue with the company search box
  • Fixed issue in tabcontrol filter when view does not have query component
  • Stage filter problem when buffer sites enabled
  • Fixed issue with stage filtering in not visible tabs
  • Fixed an issue with custom web parts in a multi-site collection setup
  • Fixed issues in site collection replication
  • Fixed issue with site management buttons
  • Fixed issue with two default views on entity lists
  • Fixed issues with calculated columns in multi-site collection sync
  • Fixed bugs in change stage and relation wizard when having external users on a user field
  • Fixed issue with managed meta data fields used for inheritance in a multi-site collection setup


Thank you!


WorkPoint A/S

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