Working with document sets

This guide describes how to work with document sets in WorkPoint365

Open the advanced document wizard
Open the advanced document wizard
  1. Click the button either from the front page or from a site.
Define the entity
Define the entity
  1. Choose the business module
  2. Search the entity
  3. Results will appear
Select templates
Select templates
  1. Choose the language of the templates
  2. Select templates group(s)
  3. Select which templates to include in the set
  4. Click the "+Add" button to search for other templates or documents across the system  
Search documents and templates
Search documents and templates
  1. Choose where to search - in a single site, template library or across the system
  2. Enter search text
  3. Use refiners to filter results
Select other documents
Select other documents
  1. Search
  2. Select
  3. Add document
Save the document set
Save the document set
  1. Choose the library where to store the document set
  2. Select the type of document set - choose from indivicual files, SharePoint document set or merged into one file.
  3. Provide a name
  4. Set the content type
  5. The document set will now be created
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    Pauli Visuri

    This is fine, but there is no guidance on how to create these uber-document sets (docset templates, with automatic documents added, merge etc)!

    I spent a little time trying to determine that, but failed. There seem to be settings that need to be done in many places: the Template library, MyTools settings etc. It’s quite a big challenge trying to work out what does what or how they all come together.

    Even just a list of bulletpoints on how to create and configure a basic Set Template would help - we could then experiment with further settings!


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