WorkPoint365 Limited Users

The Limited Users feature allows you to define normal users and limited users. Limited users have limited access to the following WorkPoint 365 features:

  • WorkPoint document provisioning
  • Change stage
  • Relation management
  • Business module entity creation and management
Activating the Limited Users feature
  1. Click the cogwheel in the top right corner to open the menu
  2. Click on WorkPoint Administration
Open Limited Users settings
  1. Click Limited Users on the left pane in the WorkPoint Administration page to open the configuration interface
Activate Limited Users feature
  1. Check the Enabled checkbox
  2. Press Save to activate the feature
Define normal users

By default all users will be limited users. We need to define the users that should be normal users.

  1. Search for people by name, email, or group in this field
  2. Click Add to add the chosen users as normal users
Refresh the cache to apply settings

The normal users are cached. To apply the settings immediately, we need to refresh the cache.

  1. Click "Update cache" and wait for the action to finish
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