WorkPoint 365 version

This release will go in Release Candidate status on 2 February and is live 6 February 2018.

Improvements and bugfixes

Improved stability in Integration Web API when generating sites

Excluded logging action filter from express panel controller so it does not show up in WorkPoint Event Log

Ensure execute query retry is enforced on all calls to SharePoint.

Ensure active users check doesn’t fail if one of the user doesn’t have an email address

Fixed issue where list fields was not added to default content type on provisioning/import

Delete job log history function does not remove any log entries

Change Stage Version Conflict

Fixed issue with templates not shown in document provisioning wizard

Fixed uninitialized list title property in web API when mobile app requests documents for site lists.

Fixed issue with aggregations not running on all site lists

Fixed issue where aggregation result were incorrect when aggregations runs from scheduler

Enable staging fails if a web part on new/edit form does not have a JSLink property

Fixed issue Created a document with a title that contains more . in the title

Fixed version Conflict on MasterSite Sync

Business Module Entity Locking


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