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This release is available 9 March 2018. WorkPoint Server Version (for SharePoint 2013) and (for SharePoint 2016).

ExpressPanel result by view

The result table on a ExpressPanel search on WorkPoint 2013, is now represented either by the default view of the Business Module, or by a specified view in the a new entry in the Setting List called "ExpressPanel". More information is found here.

Site parameter for Initialize-WpSecurity

Added a new optional parameter for the Initialize-WpSecurity Powershell command that enables to run security replication commands only on a specific module. General info in the WorkPoint Powershell Command reference.

Penneo Digital Signature

Added support for Penneo Digital Signature.

This is enables you to setup documents to be signed with Penneo.

Read more here.

Upgrade from 2013 to 2016

You can now upgrade your WorkPoint Server 2013 to a WorkPoint Server 2016. Please contact your WorkPoint partner if you do not have a license for WorkPoint 2016.


  • MailMerge cleans up empty merge fields. If a mailmerge field was blank it will now remove the empty line instead of inserting a empty line, so the behavior matches the previous versions merge behavior.
  • Workflow start on Stage change. When a workflow was setup to be triggered on a stage change, it did not start.
  • Send to review. Fixed a bug where it was impossible to send a document to review, if the entity where placed in a bucket site collection.
  • Check for WorkPoint task content type. Fixed a bug in BusinessModuleEntitySite Event Receiver, where the system tries to add a content type that already existed.
  • Fixed bug in MailMerge that did not work properly when there was a space in the Business Module name.
  • Fixed bug in WorkPoint Lookup that did not render correctly, if it was placed on a wiki page via a ListView webpart.
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