WorkPoint Express version

New minor version of WorkPoint Express. It includes support for digital signature and performance improvements and bugfixes. The release is available from 5 February 2018.

Digital Signature

WorkPoint Express now supports the use of digital signature. At this point we integrate to Penneo ( You can now use digital signature for your documents in WorkPoint.

Note: this requires the correct version of WorkPoint Server (2013 version, 2016 version or WorkPoint365 (ver. backend (available in Q2 32018).  

For for information on how to set it up, please see this guide


Performance: For those users with the "need for speed", we have made it possible to switch off some features in order to increase upload of documents to WorkPoint Express. These features are "Set title" and "Preserve version number". For more information on these settings, please click here.

Office Add In: We have upgraded the third party product  "Office Express Add In" that is used as a basis for WorkPoint Express. Current  version is now 8.7.4430.  

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