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Article last updated on the 16th of October 2019.

In WorkPoint 365 you can see your solutions license information in the Administration module by navigating to the menu item "License Information". The screen will display information as per the image below.  

Explanation to the points:

  1. General customer information.
    1. Name: customer organisation name
    2. Partner: name of the WorkPoint Partner
    3. Primary Contact: responsible for the solution
    4. Technical Contact: the technical responsible for the solution
  2. License displays the type of license, as well as information about user counts. The "Add more" links leads to an order form where more licenses can be ordered. The "View users" links displays a list of user names and their last access date.  The licensed business modules and site collections refers to the numbers included in the WorkPoint license package (Basic, Business or Enterprise). Please refer to the current price list for further information. Activation time is the date the license is activated. If there is an Expiration date the license is a trial and will expire at that date.  
  3. Solutions lists the solutions related to the license. Only Enterprise licenses can have multiple solutions. An Enterprise license by default includes two solutions, but more solutions can be purchased to an Enterprise license.
  4. The features list below the general information provides an overview of the available features, clearly marked if they are included in the license. If they are not included a link is displayed for purchasing the feature.

Note that whenever a user logs into WorkPoint 365, license is spent for that user. That license is unlocked after 60 days from the last usage of the license, meaning 60 after the license has last been used in the system, that license is free to be used by another user.

Also note that when opening WorkPoint Express, either through Office 365 or the Desktop version, a license is spent for that Windows user. That license is unlocked after 60 days of the last usage of the license in the system.

As an alternative to waiting 60 days until the license is freed up, you can  contact WorkPoint Support at for more information about unlocking licenses immedaitely.

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